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MirrorLove.me Cling Stickers offer an easy affordable way to direct your mind in creating and achieving all your goals quickly, and with a positive mental attitude. See and feel yourself successfully accomplishing your dreams.

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Positive affirmations are so much more than just feel good quotes and positive statements. Spoken and frequently repeated, they encourage and uplift, speaking the language of the mind. We need to see these messages of success on our mirrors, windows and computer screens and say them aloud often

Many books and websites offer positive affirmations with lists like “100 Positive Affirmations”. However, real success comes about when you are constantly exposed to statements applying to your specific goals and dreams. This means seeing and speaking the affirmations multiple times each day, not just reading them whenever you have a few minutes. Remember, seeing our goals and speaking success to our mind reinforces the plan our mind creates for fulfillment of our desires. Enjoy!!

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About Us

MirrorLove.me has over 100 pre-made Cling Stickers to place on windows, mirrors, computer screens, and car windows, as a constant reminder of what you want to create in your life.

MirrorLove.me has nine different series of Cling Stickers. Each series contains at least twelve Cling Stickers that can easily be applied removed and applied someplace else over and over again. You can mix and match all the series Cling Stickers or stay within a series.

Coming soon, MirrorLove.me will help you create your own Cling Stickers with your personal affirmations, goals or intentions that you want to achieve in your life.